Why You Shouldn't Get Videography!

4 Reasons NOT to Get Videography for your Wedding

In this article I will address some of the main reasons someone might feel they shouldn't get videography for their wedding. The reasons are valid, but I will try to illuminate the other side of the argument! 

1. It is WAY too Expensive!

There is a major dilemma when it comes to getting a wedding film, quality vs cost. You watch tons of films and you fall in love with them, but as you start searching for companies you quickly start to realize the price point is far out of reach. But you are hooked on getting a wedding film of your own, so you end up settling for a sub par company with low prices. So maybe it is better to just not get it at all then throw your money at a mediocre production. The case for avoiding videography due to the cost vs quality struggle is justified.

That is why at Parallel Productions we have tried to find the perfect balance of cost for quality. Our clients feel we produce higher quality than expected from our prices. We pride ourselves on that! We believe professional high quality films shouldn't be exclusive to those with huge budgets, and basic video coverage should be an option for almost everyone!

2. Far TOO MANY Cameras!

paparazzi wedding blocking view

Sometimes you go to weddings and it feels like there are 4 people standing right in front the couple while exchanging their vows, flashing lights, and blocking everyone's view! I hate when I see that. But photography is necessary, and that alone comes with two people. So adding videographers into the mix could be asking for trouble. 

This is a problem that occurs at far too many weddings. It is so important to talk to your videographers and ask them about their style, and how they shoot. At Parallel Productions, we strive to be as candid and unintrusive as possible. We film on long lenses which allow us to achieve close shots without having to physically be close. Longer lenses often cost more, and lower end companies will more than likely not be using high end long focal length lenses. The wedding day is primarily for those that are there, and their view of the proceedings shouldn't be blocked! 

3. When Will I Ever Watch it?

VHS wedding video

This is a common sentiment expressed by those who are stuck on the idea of their parents wedding video. The 5 hour VHS that was left in a box and never watched. The times have changed and so has wedding videography! They aren't wedding "videos" anymore, they are cinematic wedding films expertly crafted and filmed. Time, precision, and passion go into creating these personalized pieces of art. The entire day, all the key moments, are woven together into a seamless edit lasting no more than 15 minutes. Every bride and groom we have worked with say they can't get over how much joy watching their films brings to them. I guarantee you'll love watching your film, and it'll surely become an anniversary tradition! 

4. Pretty Sure My Uncle Can Do It!

You saw your Mom's wedding video and your pretty certain your uncle could do it for you with his camcorder and tripod. Well this is probably very true if you are looking for basic video coverage. And there is really not too many arguments against going this route, besides, shouldn't your uncle be able to enjoy the wedding day? Instead you are dropping this heavy burden on his shoulders, if he screws up, you have no video record of your wedding! He is going to be preoccupied and not enjoying the day. Not to mention his camera might not be as good as he made it sound.

If what you are looking for is simple video coverage, then we offer that. It allows all your guests, to be guests, and enjoy your wedding day. We are professionals with years of video experience, we know the gear, and we know how to film. We over packages using multiple cameras, and a variety of edits. But what I can guarantee your uncle with a camcorder can't do is produce a high quality cinematic wedding film! That is why you need to hire a professional.  

Take a look at our films and see if you can find a reason not to get one!