Why to Get Videography for Your Wedding?


There are many essentials for a wedding day – a venue, an officiant, a photographer; the list goes on. One thing that is often brushed off, however, is videography. Many consider hiring a videographer an afterthought or an unnecessary expense, but I'm here to tell you some reasons why budgeting for a videographer can make all the difference.

One essential thing however, is often cut from the list.

1. You WILL Miss Most of the Day

As one of the most romanticized events in a couples’ life, you’re going to remember this day for the rest of your life. However, the day goes by quicker than you can imagine, and you’re also going to miss A LOT of things happening around you. As a bride, it can be a very overwhelming day, and there will be very little time to absorb everything (while you’re making sure the day pans out perfectly). Here’s where the videographers step in. A good videographer will capture every important moment so that you can look back at all the things you missed. Your maid of honour crying as you say your vows, your proud father smiling as his little girl dances for the first time with her new husband; there are too many once-in-a-lifetime moments that you may not be able to witness. A good videographer will be able to capture these moments so that you can experience every little detail as if you were living them again.

2. Easily Sharable

Unfortunately, the reality of weddings is that not everyone can be there for your day. Whether it’s family that lives across the country, or some old friends that couldn’t make it, there will be some absences. Many videographers upload wedding films on social platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook, making it as simple as just a few clicks to share your video with anyone and everyone. And for the more traditional types, many videographers also offer DVDs that you can easily pass along. A wedding film will help friends and family that weren’t able to attend feel like they were really there. Not to mention, what better way to make your friends cry tears of joy at their computer screens while reliving your day?

3. Photos Can’t capture the Same Emotion

Photographs are without a doubt, a beautiful and artistic way of capturing moments at your wedding. But as important as photographs are, they are only able to capture a single moment in time. A video opens up the world of capturing movement, sound, and most importantly, emotion. A video will allow you to relive the moment that your husband slides the ring onto your finger, to the heartfelt speeches given by those who are most important to you, and everything in between. Videos are able to capture those priceless moments and will tell a story that even the best quality pictures can’t capture, making a wedding film a must-have.

4. You Can Watch it Again, and Again, and Again

 A wedding video is one of those things that you can return to time and time again. One of the most important days of your life should not be forgotten, and having a video will allow those feelings to flood back every time you watch it. Make it an anniversary tradition, watch it with your wedding party, show it to your future children, even watch it when you’re 80 years old. A wedding film is timeless. It’s a keepsake that you can hold on to for the rest of your life, making a wedding film invaluable.

A day you plan for months will fly by in what seems like a second. You will want to remember every moment, which is why a wedding video is invaluable. If you’re going to spend so much money on one day of your life, would you not want everything documented for you to go back to? In my humble opinion, a wedding videographer is one thing you should absolutely not skip out on.