Where To Find Wedding Videographers? [Updated 2018]

4 of the BEST Ways to Find Wedding Videographers

Finding all the vendors you need for a wedding can sometimes be a tricky task! Flipping through the yellow pages isn't really an option, and Google sometimes casts far too wide of a net. In this article I hope to give you some simple ways to locate that perfect videography business in your area. 

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are one of the most efficient and convenient ways to find the vendors in your area offering videography that suits your needs. I can speak for Southern Ontario and there are dozens of Swap and Sell style wedding groups. Search on Facebook for "wedding [town name]" and look for an active group and join! There are ones for larger areas as well, so if none show up for your town try your region. The Ontario Wedding Swap and Sell group has over 17,000 members and grows daily. All you have to do is write a post with your wedding date, budget, specific requirements and with in a day you will have a list of videographers who can meet your specified needs!

2. Talking to Your Friend Circle

This one may seem obvious, but it needs to be included as it is arguably the greatest way to find quality videographers. Talk to your friends who had a video made of their wedding, you can quickly eliminate companies with bad reputations and find those who people are happy with. If you see a video you like, as who made it. You can also post on your own Facebook asking for referrals. If a bride was happy with a vendor, she will be more than happy to let you know about her experience! 

3. Ask Your Vendors

Vendors in the wedding business know each other! Shocker, right? The main vendors to talk to in order to find a videographer would be: event planner, photographer and venue. Most venues have a vendors list with recommended services in the area. This list will include only companies that have previously worked at that venue, but it is a great place to start. Sometimes it might be important to find someone who has filmed at that location previously. Photographers and videographers work very closely at a wedding, and therefore asking your photographer who they like is a great idea. They are going to recommend someone talented, as a fellow visual artist, and who they enjoy working with. And lastly event coordinators, they only function properly if they have a long list of alliances with vendors. Their job is to help you find a vendor who is properly suited for you, so they are a great asset. 

4. Online Vendor Filter Sites 

Wedding Wire Search Options

I wasn't too sure what to call them, but they are the wedding vendor search engines. Sites that allow you to filter and specify down to price range, region, service etc. These websites are a great jumping board into your quest for videography. There are a few popular ones such as, The Knot and Wedding Wire. These sites are certainly helpful, but it is important to note that vendors pay for placement. The top result is not necessarily the most popular or well rated, but simply the one who spent the most. For that reason it is the final way I recommend finding videographers. 

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