Beautiful Polish Wedding at Liuna Station, Hamilton

Aleks and Alex’s cinematic wedding film

April 28th, 2018

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Alex and Aleks' wedding "was something out of a fairytale with its whimsical and enchanted theme". It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to capture their wedding day. I worked with Nadeem Oudeh who is a great videographer that often shoots with us at Parallel Productions. Aleks' wedding videography coverage was a typical set-up for us, two videographers for the entire day from getting ready to dancing at the reception. I believe both families had Polish backgrounds, and therefore the wedding was a traditional Polish marriage celebration.

We shot the groom getting ready at the Staybridge Hotel in downtown Hamilton and then we headed over to where the bride was getting ready! We recorded her reading a letter that Alex wrote her, and then moved on to the ceremony location which was the beautiful Stanislaus Church in Hamilton. There was a beautiful painted ceiling and a stunning pipe organ at the back of the cathedral. 

We went to the waterfront and grabbed a few quick shots there and then headed to the grand and beautiful Liuna Station right in the downtown of Hamilton. We did the majority of the photoshoot in the front of Liuna Station by the fountain. Alex was great and very excited about just marrying Aleks and so he was picking her up, spinning around and kissing her, without any direction, he was genuinely just so happy to be with his bride. So we just let them do their thing! The shoot was fairly short as the couple had to move inside to take shots of alcohol and greet all their guests. I think it is part of Polish tradition to take shots with wedding guests, so we captured some of that! 

After the reception and dancing, we decided it would be nice to capture a bit more footage of just Aleks and Alex before we left for the day, so we scouted around for a bright enough location. We decided to head back to the grand pillared entrance of Liuna Station and capture some footage under the light of the lampposts. We got a lot of cute stuff and used that scene to end off the film. I am very pleased with the final shot of the film, which is also the thumbnail, it is of the couple walking towards Liuna Station framed by a lamppost on either side and then at the end they naturally look over to each other and fade to black.

Her centerpieces truly brought together her vision of fairytale wedding. They were large ornate trees with purple leaves and created with such attention to detail. Each table at the reception was lit by a spotlight to accentuate the carefully arranged table, and to illuminate the whimsical purple trees.