4 moments during your wedding that NEED to be filmed

On your wedding day, things like cutting the cake and tossing the bouquet are all moments that you won’t want to miss… But let’s be real – when you’re thinking about the most precious memories from your wedding 50 years from now, there are some moments that you will definitely want to make sure you can look back on. 

These are the 4 moments during your wedding that need to be captured on video, so that you can keep these memories alive for the rest of your life.


The first and most obvious thing that needs to be captured perfectly is the wedding ceremony. I emphasize the word ‘perfectly’ because capturing a video is not the only job of a videographer. A good video team will have tactics that ensure the best quality video is recorded; but equally as important, will also make sure the possible sound is recorded.

The ceremony is the defining moment of your marriage. When your father walks you down the aisle and gives you away, when you and your better half are looking into each other’s eyes while saying your vows, when you kiss each other for the first time as husband and wife. These are the moments that should never be forgotten. It’s the transition into the rest of your life with someone, and you should not miss the opportunity to have this moment captured on video.   


Speeches are one of the most important things to happen on a wedding day. Very few times in someone’s life will all of their friends and family gather in one place to celebrate them. In this nostalgic atmosphere, your closest friends and family will likely step to the podium and share their fondest memories of you. This is one part of your night that you will absolutely want to capture on video. While you’re sitting at the head table (probably a tiny bit inebriated) you will be laughing, crying, and enjoying every moment of the magical night. Between heartfelt, the hilarious, and the embarrassing speeches; this is just one portion of the night that should not be missed.


Weddings are slowly starting to deviate from having the traditional first look at the altar. It’s becoming more of a trend for the bride and groom to actually plan a location where they will see each other all dressed up before their ceremony... And there’s a reason this is becoming a trend. It is a priceless moment. With the stress of the day piling on, and the anticipation of marrying your soul mate; getting the opportunity to see each other before your “I do’s” can be one of the most overwhelming and beautiful moments of your wedding. There is an overwhelming amount of joy in this moment that is almost hard to describe. The best way to keep this memory not having something like this documented on video would


As much as it is YOUR wedding film, you won’t necessarily only want to watch yourself for 10 consecutive minutes. There are so many important things happening on your day, and a big mistake that many videographers make, is that they only focus on the bride and groom from the moment they get there until the moment they leave. It is just as important – and so often neglected by videographers – that the family and friends are getting a good amount of video coverage as well. A wedding film should include the most memorable highlights of the day, and a lot of these moments come from your loved ones interacting with each other. For this reason, we think that it is extremely important to hire a company that offers two videographers. With a team of two experienced videographers, there is always at least one camera that is dedicated to capturing the bride and groom’s priceless moments, while giving a lot more freedom for the second videographer to capture the family and guests. A good team will work together to capture several angles of newly weds and the guests, so the video will cut together seamlessly and cinematically.

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