At Parallel Productions we value working with fantastic wedding vendors from all around Southern Ontario! We developed our Partnership Program in order to grow alongside other wedding vendors and better meet the needs of our clients. We think creating strong alliances that are mutually beneficial is a great asset to any business. We have designed a number of Partnership Plans which we hope can meet the needs of all our vendor Partners.

The goal of the Parallel Partnership Program is to provide wedding vendors, such as yourself, who are typically asked about videography services an easy and simple system to refer a reliable video company. The benefit of the Program for the Partner is that you will be able to meet the needs of your clients by providing a videographer referral, or by actually providing the service (through Parallel), and in addition the Partner will receive a share of the sales. 

10% Client Discount

Any clients that book with Parallel through our Partners or by referral will receive a 10% discount. 

5% Client Discount and 5% Partnership Share

Any clients who book with us through our Partner will receive a 5% discount and the Partner will also receive a 5% share of the sale.

10% Partnership Share

If a Partner's referral leads to a booking, they will receive a 10% share of the sale.

prices or package details may change, so please utilize the links provided to avoid complications


The Partnered vendor simply informs inquiring couples about Parallel and our videography services. The couple will then take the initiative to contact us. If they book with us due to the Partner's referral the Partner will receive a share of the sales, or be able to offer their clients a service bundle discount (5% or 10%).


The Partner will design their own system of integrating Parallel's videography packages into their own. The Partner would handle client financials and would be required to pay Parallel our typical rates less 10%. The pricing structure on the side of the Partner is entirely independent of Parallel. 

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Please reach out if you have any questions about the Partnership Program! 

If you would like business cards mailed to you, please let us know!