Our Charitable Efforts

At Parallel Productions we thank God for all of our projects and clients, and we truly believe any and all success we have is a blessing. God has blessed us not so we can have but so that we can give! Due to this strongly held company ethic we take a percentage of our sales and set it aside to be used in ways that benefit others in our community and around the world. I am very proud that this has been a guiding principle at Parallel since we launched in 2016.

Compassion Canada

Compassion is a fantastic organization that allows Canadians to sponsor a child in a developing nation. The funds go towards the child’s education and any needs that arise in the family. Parallel is extremely proud to be able to sponsor 3 children from around the world! We are able to exchange letters with them and having these 3 kids in our lives has brought a lot of joy!


We hope to be able to sponsor one child per member of our team! As our team grows through out the years so will our support of children around the world, and it is such an honour and privilege to be able to be a part of this mission!


Individual Donations

The amazing thing about having a fund available that is dedicated solely to helping others is that when we hear of a financial need we are able to easily and without hesitation offer our support. God has abundantly blessed Parallel and being able to be used by God to bless other people is a true honour. God hasn’t allowed Parallel to grow so that we can hoard our earnings, but so that we may freely give!

Iuri Brando.jpg

We had an opportunity in 2018 to be used to bless the Brando family in Brazil. Their little family had recently grown and they had moved far from their relatives and hometown in order to find work. They lived many hours from family and didn’t have a vehicle to travel around in with the kids. They found themselves in a tough financial situation and not having a vehicle in their rural town had become exceedingly challenging.

I was fortunate enough to be able to give a monetary gift from the Parallel fund which enabled them to buy their first car. I’m so thankful for Parallel’s success because it allows me to act as the hand of God in people’s lives. The moment we gave them the gift is a precious memory in my life, and I am eternally grateful to have been able to bless their family.


Tim’s Cards for the Homeless

This is a simple use of the Parallel charitable fund but is still an important way to bless those in need in our community. I never have cash or change on me anymore, as all my purchases are through cards or online, there is very little need for physical currency. But I still wanted to be able to give to the homeless when I came across them, and then I received the thought to order pre-loaded Tim’s Cards through their corporate gifts option. I also gave the pre-loaded cards to other people in my life for when they see someone in need. If this is an idea you like you can order your own Tim’s cards on their website!